Episode 14

Published on:

23rd Sep 2021

Passing the baton on eczema care from parent to child

When children are young, parents have to manage their eczema care, and it’s a role that usually lasts a decade or more. But when children reach adolescence, parents must hand over the reins and learn to let go. In this episode we explore some pitfalls with this sometimes-tumultuous period as well as tips and best practices for navigating it with patience and skill. We examine the issues from the perspectives of both parents and young people. Our guest, Dr. Miriam Santer, studies this topic at University of Southampton. Tune in to learn more.


Research mentioned in this episode:


Children’s views and experiences of treatment adherence and parent/child co-management in eczema


Taking charge of eczema self-management: a qualitative interview study with young people with eczema.

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